By actively responding to the needs of people who have been harmed through youth criminal activity, community members have an opportunity to make their communities safer.

Participation offers an opportunity to:

  • Actively participate in a process for achieving justice in the community
  • Focus on and combat the causes of crime
  • Support the victim
  • Provide an opportunity for the youth to make amends as part of his/her redirection to a crime free life style

Community's Role Within The Agency

Volunteering gives you an opportunity to:

  • Mediate in a conflict resolution setting
  • Provide victim support services
  • Support youth and supervise the completion of reparation agreements
  • Facilitate youth educational workshops
  • Represent the community of harm in the Restorative Justice process.
  • Provide community placements where youth have an opportunity to make amends for their actions
  • Act as a community educator/motivator for Restorative Justice as an alternative approach for addressing the harm resulting from youth criminal activity

Elise Campbell

 Coordinator of Volunteers

Service Delivery Standards

Island Community Justice Society's accountability to the community requires the following standards:

  • ICJS will maintain an open and democratic recruitment policy in order to allow a wider diversity of community members to participate in restorative justice
  • ICJS will provide the training and support to empower citizens to take on a leadership role in community justice
  • ICJS will maintain a strong focus on compliance in order to ensure that the processes in which the victim, youth, and community have participated are seen as effective and valid
  • ICJS will strive to become a community resource on conflict resolution and restorative justice