What Is CATCH?

Children at the Critical Hour is an early intervention program that Island Community Justice Society created to foster healthier behaviors and relationships.

Catch is a gathering of the child, his/her support person(s), the community and/or the person(s) harmed, to respond to the child's needs and develop a plan of reparation.

Who Can Come To CATCH?

  • Children nine, ten or eleven years of age
  • Children engaging in activities that would be deemed an offense if the child was over the age of twelve
  • Children exhibiting behaviors that may result in harm to self or others

Who Can Refer To CATCH?

  • Schools
  • Police/Justice System
  • Children's Aid Society
  • Victim's Services
  • Other Community Agencies
  • Parents

Program Outcomes

  • Increased self-control
  • Increased social skills and positive attitude
  • School Success
  • Better child-parent relationship
  • More positive conduct
  • Empowering parents

How Does CATCH Work?

As a parent/child in the CATCH program, you will attend a session that is structured around the identified needs of the child. The child will have an opportunity to explore, understand and choose better actions/behaviors, through trust building activities in a group setting.

You will have opportunities for referrals to other agencies, a support network and educational materials all based on the identified needs.