Island Community Justice Society

The Island Community Justice Society is a non-profit, community based agency which provides restorative justice services for youth, victims, and community to resolve the harm caused by criminal activity. Funding is provided by the Department of Justice. The society is a Member Agency of the United Way of Cape Breton.

The essence of restorative justice is a face-to-face meeting.

Mission Statement:

To foster a safer and healthier community by providing community-based proactive and restorative justice services which respond to the needs of the victim, offender, family, and the community.

Service Philosophy:

As a community agency charged with the delivery of Restorative Justice services in partnership with the formal justice system, Island Community Justice Society will strive to deliver a service which is equally respectful of the needs of victims and the task of guiding and redirecting youth in conflict with the law. We will create an opportunity for community members to participate in the delivery of restorative justice by creating a meaningful role for our volunteers. All our work will proceed from humanist principles of individual worth and belief in the merits of accountability.